Thoughts on July 2nd

July 2, 2019

“Inoperable Adenocarcinoma.”  The most common type of cancer.  “Advanced” is what doctor Hopkins said this afternoon.  We heard NOTHING all day Monday.  The day was a nightmare.  I was furious.  By the time I was angry enough to pick up the telephone, all of the medical people were gone for the day.  The doctor told me today this was an extremely rapidly spreading disease that that it should be addressed immediately.  For days my thoughts have been racing.  Unable to sleep.  Unable to think rationally.  Unable to plan.  “Are we still going to be able to go camping in September?  Should I get Takota into the trainer NOW?   Should I sell my tools?  What exact disease do I have?”  Now we know.

It has been maddening.  Finally this afternoon we got the call.  “Take a deep breath…” I told myself, and then I laughed. “THAT is what brought on my initial doctors visit.  Coughing up spoon-fulls of blood and unable to catch my breath!”  Today we received some answers.  Don’t make long term plans.  Instead, I began another mental inventory of everything that needs to be accomplished in order to prepare for the inevitable.  We have been referred to an  excellent Oncologist.  Dr. Tarantolo.  The appointment begins at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Casselmans River Bridge

Someone, I don’t remember WHO, asked specifically for this piece. Once completed, they backed out on the commitment and so it sits…

I see bridges, all kinds of bridges as a sort of metaphor to life..  I’ve written about it in prior posts, but not tonight.  THIS project come to mind when we concluded the telephone call.  No matter the obstacle, mankind has developed, designed and implemented a means to overcome….  I keep telling Sherry AND myself…  This is just a big bump in the road..

Late tonight/VERY early morning sitting out on the deck again, it began to rain…. A warm, gentle rain.  I didn’t scurry to put up the umbrella.  I didn’t panic and run inside the house.  I sat there in the rain, feeling a certain cleansing taking place.  I know it won’t wash away the cancer.   I know it won’t relieve the massive amount  of work to be done.   When it did finally quit, the air was crisp and clear before the humidity set back in.  My breathing once again labored.   I did feel a bit revived and able to think a little more clearly though…


As always, thank you for listening AND thank you for your thoughts and prayers…

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1 Response to Thoughts on July 2nd

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dennis… the last line
    Inoperable means that lung cancer surgery isn’t considered the best treatment option. … Such treatments can sometimes even establish long-term control of the disease similar to that of surgery. It’s important to note that even if lung cancer is inoperable, it could possibly become operable in the future.Dec 5, 2018
    Your not a quitter! You can beat this no doubt in my mind❤️❤️❤️ Love ya Karen


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