Not ALL of my inspiration comes from formal gardens. A while ago, a construction customer of mine compiled a list of improvements she wanted completed on her home. Refinish the interior stairs. Paint the entire exterior of the home.  A 20 x 20 expansion of an existing patio, and a formal wrought-iron fence around the entire area. She wanted a retaining wall and garden area around the storage shed located in the far boundary of the back yard I hauled in 6 full dump-truck loads of dirt, several tons of slate rock, 6 yards of concrete and three palletts of sod.   In preparing for all of the new construction, one of her requests was that I try to salvage the existing flowers bordering the old patio and lot line.

There it was! Tucked away near the air-conditioning unit on the back side of the house, was one of my favorite flowers! I immediately dropped the shovel, drove home to retrieve my camera gear to capture the beauty.

2017 Bleeding Heart.jpg
FineArt America Featured:  Bleeding heart

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The Bleeding Heart is one of the most literal flowers used symbolically today. The blooms resemble a classical cartoon heart with drops of blood falling out of it. Japanese folklore also has a tale about a spurned prince who killed himself by sword when a lovely maiden rejected his gifts, which are all represented by different petals from the flower. Some religious groups choose to plant the flower as a reminder of compassion for the suffering of others. It can represent people who share their emotions freely and wear their heart on their sleeve too.

I hope you enjoy my accidental discovery as much as I did. And thank you for listening!

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