What has it been?  Three months since an entry?  I know I “promised” to try to do better, but I can’t help it if “things” which distract me, keep coming up!   Bear with me!

I HAVE managed quite a few flower shows, some wildlife photography and simple “gathering of material” for my art work.  AND, I HAVE accumulated quite a few floral pieces to post for sale.  THIS is in between remodeling a house, two rocking horses, several rocking chairs, construcion of a shed, prepping the camper for summer….  I just need to apply myself to sit down and do it.  PLUS, they have changed the format by which I even post my blog, so it appears I have some additional learning to do!  I cross my fingers you’re able to read it!

I believe this first “series” of posts will be the latest artwork additions accompanied by the narration I provide with each piece.  Eventually however, my goal is to get back to more personal opinionated writing!  Think of it this way:  Early May flowers!

Thank you for listening!

Here is the FAA Link to Exotic Flower

One of the mistakes I make when lugging around the camera gear at various gardens and flower shows, is NOT adding to the weight of my load with pen and paper. There are Musas and Morning Glories. Plumeria and Etlingera. Cattelya and Blue Dawn. ALL of which I vow to remember: Its name, where and when.  I excitedly click away at the shutter button during these events. Unfortunately by the time I return to the studio and sort through hundreds of photographs, I have forgotten which is which. Instead what I come up with as I scan the photo and search my memory is, Oh! THAT one is pretty! or, Isn’t THAT one interesting? And even, I remember where this one was placed. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the names of each one.

I will try to improve when it comes to my note-taking! Meanwhile, enjoy the new addition


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1 Response to I KNOW! I KNOW!

  1. Ah, the best laid plans of ….   but with that much going on, I sure can understand when confusion reigns.  Looking forward to what you have posted after creating.   Take care.Karin Noren


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