Trying to Catch Up

Hello again! I realize it’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything here. It would take pages upon pages to bring everyone up-to-date on my activity. Let me just say that between the spine and shoulder issues and trying to keep myself occupied it seems I’m busier now then when I was running Coast to Coast in the truck!

Briefly… midyear I was asked by a Boys Town sister instead of the normal oak rocking horses I’ve been known to build, if Santa could come up with a couple of rocking John Deere tractors. I manage to find some blueprints and after some experimentation found myself building six or seven of them before Christmas. That was in addition to the three rocking horses that I wanted to get out before Christmas. The tractors turned out far better than I expected, and I think I got pretty good reviews from the recipients.


All throughout I spent some time trying to keep up with the maintenance on my house which has been difficult given the limited income. I’m just thankful that I still have the attitude that my step dad taught me which was: “Why buy new if you can build it or fix it?” Hopefully this summer I’ll be able to have the the roof done which is what has caused 80% of my other problems

I don’t know how many art pieces I’ve turned out and posted. I can only stay sitting for so long before it becomes uncomfortable. So, I work on the art for a few hours, walk around or do something else, then come back to it.

Player 2

“The Player”

Since everyone decided I was too old to reeducate or retrain following the spine ordeal, another block of my time has been spent trying to learn for myself how to maintain my website, and at least keep my position in the bottom tier of technical knowledge. Funny, when I talked to the folks at the computer store last fall they found it hard to believe the hardware that I’ve been using to do what I’ve been doing. Funny, I guess it’s that lesson from Dad again.

Another “event” for me which I felt extremely complemented to receive and follow through on was an invitation from singer/songwriter, Sue Clayton. There isn’t enough room here today to write about all of Sue’s life’s experiences but she invited me to edit and illustrate one of her songs called “Song For Korea” (click here to have a listen!). Sue will probably admit that she is like a lot of other folks and tends to procrastinate! Therefore when the deadline for this project was discussed the hours I put in was much like the hours I spent on the road when I had a “hot load” of produce out of Santa Rosa California that they were desperate need for in Kansas City! Some serious trucking had to be accomplished! I didn’t mind AND I cherished the compliment regarding my previous work. I gladly accepted the challenge and the fact that Sue sought me out for that project gave me hope that it would be another avenue to get my artistic-editing skills promoted.

Pencil Rice Paddy

“Song For Korea”

I said to myself last fall that I would do more with my blog through the winter months yet here I am enjoying an early spring. If you recall when this first began it was for the purpose of promoting my artwork and the print on demand sites which carry what I’ve done. I told Sue when I first began her project that I was the definition of the starving artist! If you plan on hanging around what you have to look forward to will be introductions to everything that has taken place since my last entry. I’ve said before, the only thing I can ask is that if you’re happy with my writing and my work to hit the share button and pass around. I’m not so arrogant as to think that I’ll go down as the next Peter Max, Picasso, Bateman, Darien or any of the great ones, but if I can keep the lights on and the fridge full for Skip and I I feel that in itself is an accomplishment. Hang in there with me, thanks for listening and we will talk again soon!

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