Why I Ask You To “Like & Share”

I was feeling nostalgic (as I often do!) this morning, and have been looking back at this adventure…  This “road” I’ve been traveling in the world of art.  My first “official” sale…  When I became serious about things and accepted that my years on the road were numbered, the very first piece I ever marketed was October 20, 2009.  “Royal Garden” .  It went to Kansas City Missouri!  There were pieces BEFORE that which eventually made it to the website as reprints, but “Royal Garden” was my first!

Why do I ask you to “share” my art work? Quite simply, YOUR action gets the pieces traveling around the globe.   I try to be humble in my request, and do not ever want to come across as demanding.  When you click on the “share” button, even if YOU don’t particularly care for the work, the style or subject matter, perhaps some of the folks on your list will feel differently!  Or one of THIER friends.  There may be someone in cyber land that you know, who is looking to fill that blank space on a wall.  Or they may know of someone with a special event that is pending, who would appreciate a personalized design for their cards and invitations.  THEY may know of someone with a wedding in the works, someone planning a graduation party that would appreciate having commissioned postage stamps for the announcements.  Perhaps someone out there is starting a new business and would LOVE to have a custom logo designed…  Or a customized piece as a gift…

I’ve learned the art community is VERY competitive, and so each time you share a link to one of my art pieces, it gives me a better chance of marketing that piece, allowing me to continue to create new things.  I DO appreciate the fact that I am gaining more and more “followers” on the Facebook page and my blog.  Even my Pinterest board is growing (which I need to attend to more often as well!) BUT it is also about your help in getting the word out there, about my work.

Clicking on that little button that says “Share” only takes a second, and by doing so, you’re helping to publicize the work, hopefully generating interest in other places around the globe!  I am truly honored when I look at where some of my work has landed:  The United Kingdom, Springfield Canada,  Muehlethurnen Switzerland, Augsurg Germany, Meissen Germany, Brantford Ontario, Condrieu France, .  My art has been delivered to cities Stateside where  my work was inspired: Seattle, Anaheim, Columbus, Las Vegas,  Roseland, Green River, Philadelphia, Lakeland, Des Moines, Houston, Auburn, Janesville, Irvine, McPherson, Waterloo and Littleton.  There are pieces in Weldon Springs Missouri, Chaska Minnesota, Houston Texas, Gilbert Arizona, New Bern North Carolina and Detroit Michigan to name a few.   All thanks to you, and the Internet!

It has been an incredible journey, and I am thankful to be considered a part of the “Art Community”.  I am even more grateful to all of you who believe in my work and have been willing to “share” it, around the globe!  Take a second and pass it on, THAT action is deeply appreciated!

As always…   Thanks for listening!

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