Another Storm

I guess it’s appropriate to go back to one of my award winning pieces, given the weather we’ve been having!  Around here, we’re supped to have up to seven inches of snow in the next few days.  I don’t recall the song, but I do recall the verse, “Strange days are these…  Strange days indeed…Another Storm print
Another Storm by dbuckman

It’s Part Of The Job

While I was working on this piece, many folks familiar with my art suggested several different captions; “Ice Road Truckers Are Sissys, WE Run The Lower 48!” Or, “Chaining Up Is Not An Option”. Yet, I thought back to memorable winters in this business, and my own experiences. Being snowed in for two days, with only four other trucks, at the rest area on Donner Pass. Having an old 74 Cabover Peterbuilt gel-up on me outside of Sidney Nebraska during an all out blizzard. Crawling along, as many have done, with your head hanging out of the drivers side window, just to see the tracks in the road. In more modern times, “Going through the woods…” when they officially close the main highways. All in an effort, to just do your job. These personal experiences, all of these memories, I have tried to express in this piece. I know the feeling of isolation, wondering how deep the next drift will be. I know the determination of “…This load WILL be on time.” And I know the pride we all share, in surviving yet another storm. We truly are professionals at what we do, and I am proud to have been a part of it for so many miles.  This is a portrait of “Headwind”, my ‘ole W900 Kenworth…


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2 Responses to Another Storm

  1. Sus[ect all of us who have been out in bad weather on the prairies to get where they needed to go, can relate… And this has been another of those winters. Hearing of your experiences is always interesting also…. take care, My mantra of this winter to everyone is “Stay warm and stay upright.” blessings.


  2. Carol Trevino says:



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