Your Christmas Cards

Red Star Holiday Stamps
Red Star Holiday Stamps by dbuckman

I was up until five this morning addressing Christmas cards. Several years ago I offered to anyone who wished to receive a card to send their mailing address.   Surprisingly although my own greeting card and personal postage business doesn’t reflect it, BUT  people still enjoy receiving a kind word in the mail once in a while.  My experience with the Christmas card project has been mixed.  I often get an e-mail or even handwritten notes from some who thank me and even promote my graphics work.  While others who’ve been on my list a few years send me a nasty note wanting to know “Who in the hell is this anyway?” or, “Do I know you?”  Simple.  I remove them from the list!   The “up-side” is the requests I receive;  “My Dad is in the nursing home and would love to receive a card.”  Or, “Could you send my military child a card?  They are stationed in…”  The down side…Where I  failed  this year, well actually EVERY year, is that I fail to keep up on my database with current addresses and such.  As a result, I inevitably get BACK a small percentage of cards stamped “No Forwarding address” or, “Forwarding order has expired”.  I don’t expect everyone to report in to me when they move, BUT it would sure help!

Some “data” I’ve never tracked and I rely on my failing memory!   Do I know you from my childhood in Louisville?  Boys Town?  Did we meet at the garage?  Auto Racing? Scuba diving?  Snowmobiling?  Perhaps we met somewhere between here and there in the several million miles I spent over-the-road?  Your involvement with horses?  Woodworking?    Please don’t take the above observation personally, but lets face it…  I’m sending out 500 cards this year and I simply don’t remember EVERYONE individually!  A number of cards that go out, are from the acquaintances I’ve made along the way on Facebook, old friends I’ve been fortunate to become reacquainted …

SO!  If you haven’t received a card and would like one, you may message  mailing address to me here.  If you DON’T want to receive one anymore, let me know that too!  Meanwhile, I truly do appreciate everyones support and encouragement.  Especially since MY Christmas gift this year, came from a recent report received in todays mail.  “..although he would like to return to work that he can participate in, I have serious reservations about Mr. Buckmans employability given his recent health history…”.  Sounds as if I’d better improve my graphics efforts!

Stop by the site for a visit! Best wishes to everyone, and have a pleasant holiday…

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