Ready For The Round-Up

I was re-reading yesterdays post.  My writing needs improvement I believe….  It’s like watching paint dry.  It IS watching varnish dry!  Applying the 3rd polyurethane coat on Rusty and his rockers…


He’s getting darn close. Whenever I worked on projects for Dad, and announced, “I’m done!”  he would inspect the work, and occasionally state:  “Are you REALLY done?  Are you happy with that?”  Loosely translated it meant I had more work to do!  At the time, my Dads criticism seemed somewhat harsh and overly critical.  Today, I’m grateful for the lessons and the demand for perfection that he instilled in me.  The down side?  I tend to be quite critical of myself.  The positive side of Dads’ pursuit of flawlessness and the lesson I REALLY learned?  It wasn’t the shaping of the wood, the enjoyment of time in the shop.  It is the drive I impose on myself which motivates me to move forward.


I stray…..  After three coats of sanding sealer and three coats of poly, we are about ready to announce completion!


Everything gets the once-over with  high quality furniture polish…


Horses have ears, right?  Leather ears?


And, being a Western Saddle Horse, he needs one more addition……

IMG_7647Rusty receives his rope!

I’d like to thank everyone for following along on this journey.  It REALLY hasn’t been so much about building rocking horses, as it has been a trip down memory lane.  Some of the tools in my shop have been inherited from my Step-Dad after his passing. When I flip the switch on the drill press  or the band saw (which were Dads), all of the memories and lessons learned come roaring back….  When folks receive a piece of woodwork from me, they also receive a little bit of my Dad.

Visit my web site, if you’re so inclined.  I’d appreciate it!  There are coffee cups, calendars, clocks, greeting cards, US Postage on the Zazzle site.   A variety of products, depicting my “other hobby” my art work…  Many of my prints are also available at:  Fine Art America where there are over 130 floral images alone….  I custom create for graduations, weddings, birth announcements and so on, so DO keep me in mind for those occasions when you need an invitation created!

…and thank you for listening….

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  1. kayladean says:

    Beautiful horse!


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