Building Horses Part 1

This writing is with regard to another hobby of mine.  Those who follow me regularly know that I have a passion for art and photography.  Though I am failing miserably at earning an income from that”hobby”, I  keep trying!  Few realize, I also have a certain passion for woodworking and associated activities as well!


I attribute ALL of my interest in carpentry to my Step-Dad.  As far back as I can remember, Dad was involved in one woodworking project or another.  There are some old 8mm family films of Dad and I refinishing a bedroom dresser, in preparation for my sisters’ birth.  The film would have been taken in 1959 or 60 because Colleen was born March, 1960.  Dad went on to build plaques, custom furniture, children’s toys.  Anything that could be crafted from wood, Dad built.  While I still lived in Louisville, Dad would “assign” any number of tasks to me, and expect them to be carried out in a perfect fashion when he returned to the basement work-shop.  In addition to simply cleaning the workshop and putting tools away,  I was instructed to cut out patterns and pieces on the band saw, ran the router for trim, sanded, stained and varnished more projects than I can remember.  I recall a HUGE stack of walnut under the basement stairs that Dad had salvaged from somewhere, and as a result most of our projects evolved from that stack.


Some years ago, before the Internet, Dad I and shared blueprints and patterns through the mail.  He sent patterns for an old fashioned baby crib with a note, “Send me pictures when you have it done!”  From Dad, I inherited a love of things crafted from wood.  Along the way, I accepted his challenges, often creating more sawdust than I care to think about!  Again, I tend to stray…

I’ve been told that folks tend to avoid “lengthy” writings, and so I will wrap this up for now.  I only ask that you stay tuned to discover what I created from my pile of wood!

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