Holiday Reminders

“The Holidays” will soon be upon us, and I felt reminders were in order.  Anymore, I am constantly asking myself, “What day of the week is Thanksgiving?” (and I am forever reminded when I ask, that it takes place on THURSDAY!).  Or “What day of the week is Christmas this year?”  I guess I am going to have to revert to carrying a day-planner!  Hopefully, this brief writing will serve as a reminder for us ALL!

November 27th – December 5th (Wednesday – Tuesday):  Hanukkah

November 28th (Thursday):  Thanksgiving

November 29th (Friday):  Black Friday

December 2nd (Monday):  Cyber Monday

December 7th  (Saturday): Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 25th (Wednesday):  Christmas

December 26th – January 1st (Thursday-Wednesday):  Kwanzaa

December 31st:  (Tuesday): New Years Eve

Some of you may ask, “What about “World Television Day/” (Thursday November 21st), or “Lincolns Birthday” (Friday, November 29th).  Perhaps one of my goals should be to research ALL of the special days and holidays.  For now,  those wishing to mail out unique, personalized greeting cards or special little gifts,  you have plenty of time to plan ahead!

Don’t forget to visit the page of my friend, Joe Izen, as his music carries special Holiday messages!

…And as it approaches, Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL!!!

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