My “Spare” Time

Although I shattered my shoulder and split my spine nearly three years ago, it’s not as if I sit around doing nothing. I AM limited to the amount of weight that my shoulders and back can bear, but thanks to neighbors and friends, I find myself with plenty to keep my mind occupied!

Some time ago, a good friend of mine dropped off a couple of bird nests they’d saved after some back yard renovations.  “See what you can do with these.  We’d like to do something with them for our family room.” IMG_7113

Knowing her affinity for “rustic” and “earthy” kinds of decor, it took me a few days before I decided what to do with the treasures of nature she’d delivered.  I searched the internet for ideas and had seen where some folks painted theirs.  Others decorated the nests with artificial flowers or leaves and even a few were decorated with fake birds eggs!


I finally decided to put the nets back where they belonged and after a little scrounging of my own, came up with an ant riddled piece of a Maple tree and a “fork” from a fallen Cedar.  After literally submerging the former dwellings in clear lacquer several times, allowing them to dry between baths, I carved out a little “spot” the same as the original builders may have chosen during  construction.  Of course I’m prejudice but I think the creations are ok.  I’ll know later today when I drop them off at her house!  The last coat of varnish on the tree branches is finally dry!

Meanwhile, I did get nearly all my art work entered into the fineartamerica web site, in hopes of expanding publicity for my work.  The postage and cards are still available on the Zazzle site, but I’d like to send you to the FAA site for prints and canvas reprints!

hawaiian-flowers for WP AdClick HERE to reach the new FAA Gallery

As always, thanks for “listening” and until we talk again, “Be excellent to each other!”

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