Casper… Not Wyoming, the Ghost…

I have been spending a great deal of time organizing and sorting photos as I prepare to go forward with other artwork…  But, with “All Hallows Eve” fast approaching we are of course inundated with decorations, costumes displays and Halloween decor.  The company that carries my graphics for US Postage (Zazzle) is no different.  I received a reminder recently that we artists should be promoting our Halloween designs.  Unfortunately, as always, I don’t HAVE anything ready for the witching hour!  However, there is hope!  I searched my memory for Halloween related things that I enjoyed as a kid.

One of my favorite cartoon characters was “Casper, the Friendly Ghost”.  What I liked about Casper wasn’t that he was an outgoing and well-meaning apparition.  It WAS the fact that I viewed Casper as a non-conformist!  Where all of his other spirit-friends complied with the ghostly requirements of staying out of sight and scaring folks, Casper preferred to get out there among the masses, do good deeds and make new friends!  Perhaps children TODAY could take a lesson from that?

Casper Cover 4 Cards
Casper Cover 4 Cards by casper

Ahh well…  If you’re planning any sort of Halloween party for your young ghosts and goblins, we do have a variety of cards, postage and gifts depicting Casper and his pals.  Perfect for a Casper themed event!

Wendy Magic Wand 3 Card
Wendy Magic Wand 3 Card by casper

…and if I don’t make it back here, Happy Halloween to you all!

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