Rainbows And Photographs

True Gold

They say that there are pots of gold at the end of each rainbow. MY treasure had always been the opportunity I was given to experience such a daily variety of scenery. The inner workings of our big cities, the tranquility of our small towns, and the open territories of our country.

I decided some time ago to begin sorting and organizing the photos I have accumulated since…  Well, since the beginning!  THAT includes what few pieces of my past I could collect from family members through the years.  I do have, and will share a few of these as my “project” progresses.  My sister asked if I had ANY photos of our Dad (my Step-Dad) and I remembered running across this one as I began organizing. The photo is labeled “Easter, 1966”.  As the project comes alive, I know there will be more.

Easter 66I don’t know if an introduction is in order, but:

The back row:  Our mother & Tony Buckman

The front row:  My sister, Colleen, my sister Maureen and the one with the balloon is me…

All I ask, is stay tuned and be patient!

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