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I have been away on another tangent of sorts…  FIRST, the disability folks have kept me inundated with paperwork and another doctor evaluation.  Not sure how THAT is all going to turn out…  Meanwhile, there has been no improvement in the right shoulder or spine.  I still experience a great deal of pain and discomfort, and tend to avoid activity that involves increasing said conditions!  In any case, I am STILL at the mercy of others.

THEN, I had this brilliant idea to learn how to use the video editing software I have had, for probably two computers!  The box sat stored in the closet because it wouldn’t run on my antique equipment.  Yes, the software had to be updated and yes, it has been a painstaking ordeal for someone as technologically challenged as myself.  BUT, I did manage to get some of my art work bouncing to the beat of Mozart.  THIS is my first video project,  as posted on YouTube.  My art, Mozarts music.

The bad news?  I got a note from the YouTube folks a few days after I posted my production, telling me that they were making my video “private” since I didn’t have “The Masters” permission to use his music.  A little tough to do with the guy dead since 1791!  But it’s my understanding I can still use it…

I said to myself (and to the YouTube folks under by breath) “Too bad, I am already working on a second one!” This is my send attempt to apply the art I’ve done to another classical pice of music.  So far, no word from YouTube!

Lastly…  (I should have saved this for a blog entry by itself)..  I have a friend, Joe Izen who is a far more accomplished artist than myself.  For the longest time, one of his songs simply stuck in my brain.  I will save my ranting about homelessness for another time, BUT Joe gave me permission to “interpret” the song,  “Somebodys Child”.  And so I feverishly worked on artwork to compliment his song…  I give you,

“Somebodys Child” by Joe Izen…


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