Disney Postage

I don’t recall the first Disney movie I ever saw.  But I do remember, “The Wonderful World of Disney” on Sunday nights.  Often, their movies were my escape from reality, even if for only an hour or so.  Even now, with mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and technology, I enjoy a good Disney Flick!  Disney has  remained a weekly program for more than forty years!!

Disney-Pixar’s unique characters make me laugh while reminding me of childhood fears, youthful challenges and  a few victories which came later in life .  The folks, in conjunction with Zazzle, have made a variety of First Class  postage stamps available, which features some of the “Old Timers” Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and Cinderella.  There are also products featuring “newer”  characters from a “A Bugs Life,  The Incredible’s, Finding Nemo,  Toy Story and Monsters Inc.”

What a great way to dress up that snail mail for a childs party invitations, or even urge your young one that hand written letters still matter!

THESE stamps and more, are available by simply clicking on your favorite!  There are 84 pages of Disney-Approved stamps!

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