Teaching An Old Dog

Once again time has gotten away from me. It seems as if the alumni gathering was long ago!  By now all of my brothers and sisters who traveled to the Omaha campus have returned to their homes away from home, and life has picked up where it left off before the reunion.  Myself included.  As most of you know, I obliterated my right shoulder and cracked my spine in February, 2011.  That little “incident” took me out of the world of trucking.  That’s the negative side.  Having  a lot of time on your hands can be dangerous.  The optimistic part is I’ve been able to spend a great deal of time on my art.  I spend a lot of time sorting through old photographs making plans for the ones that I find appropriate.  That hasn’t been as financially rewarding as having a “real job” but without the aid of  formal training  I’ve been able to muddle through the effects of colors, lighting, textures and even subject matter. I’ve taught myself to digitize, resize, optimize and format the creations so that I can post it all on the Internet.  Yet I realize, technically I am extremely behind the times.

Some years ago, I became interested in video, but only spent enough time on it to transfer some personal photos and music to VHS tapes!  Recently, I decided to take a few classes when I can afford them, and get some of my thoughts and art into the digital age!

THIS is my first completed project, featuring my art work, and the music of one of the masters, Motzart!  (CLICK HERE!)

Thanks for listening!

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