Oh how I stray!  I started this writing with the intent of discussing the early days of trucking.  Conducting “research”  one thing led to another.  Originally, I was getting some info on Blevins Popcorn (Jolly Time) where I began hauling from out of Sioux City Iowa.  Here I am now, discussing Nebraska popcorn!  They tell me that popcorn is a great food, and a healthy food.  I know I hauled my fair share of it out of Sioux City when I quit hauling cows and was introduced to dry vans.  In those days, much of the “dry freight” loads were “floor loads”, meaning someone had to physically load and unload the 40 + thousand pounds of freight! By the time “palletized” loads were the norm, I was already pulling a temperature-controlled trailer, and nearly ALL of those loads were “no touch”.  But I stray…

I didn’t realize that Nebraska is the number one state for popcorn production.  I knew we grew a lot of corn, but always thought it was dedicated to other products.  I guess it makes sense.  Popcorn requires low humidity, high quality soil and consistant moisture provided by irrigation.  They say that Nebraska produces 295 million pounds of popcorn per year!

I also learned that there is a company here, Preferred Popcorn that moved into a formerly vacant popcorn plant near Chapman Nebraska around 1998.  They ship to 59 countries and their products are carried by a variety of local grocers AND they represent over 1,000 farmers!  I guess now, I’ll have to keep an eye out for their product when I’m at the grocery…

Weelllll…  Being somewhat involved in graphics now… One thing led to another and I discovered that people are also incorporating this healthy, tasty snack for other uses!

Party invitations…

Cute postage stamps…

…And baby shower thank you notes!

I’ll not look at popcorn the same way again…  Especially while enjoying a few handfuls!

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