Grumpy Cat – I’m A Fan!

The Worlds Most Popular Cat

If you’re on the Internet, you HAVE to know by now, the face of “Grumpy Cat”!  She’s been on “The Today” show, “Good Morning America“, the “CBS Evening News“, “The Soup” and even VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live!”

 Born in April, 2012 her real name is “Tardar Sauce“.  Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen owes the cats popularity to her brother, Bryan.   He first posted a picture of the cat on reddit.  Tardar Sauce has even been featured in The Wall Street Journal!  Ironically, according to the Bundesens, it is the litter-mate of Tardar Sauce that has the grumpy personality!

Even if you’re not a cat fan, you can’t help at least smile at this lovable (forgive the pun), sourpuss!  I found a few featured products featuring Tarder Sauce, each of which extracted another laugh…  The captions are amazingly puuurrrffect!

Though they say Grumpy Cat is a “normal cat 99% of the time, she is now famous for her somewhat insulting observations and that copyrighted expression!

They say Grumpy Cat has a book due out in October, 2013 and there is even going to be a “Grumpy Cat” beverage in the future!

She DOES make me smile.  Heck, even MSNBC named Grumpy Cat, “The Most Influential Cat of 2012”.  And when you’re THAT famous, it’s no wonder that Friskies paid first class air-fare,, a private hotel room, a personal assistant, a chauffeur and unlimited Friskies food while appearing in the Friskies YouTube game show!!

If you’re in one of “those kind of moods” today, take a glimpse at some of the Grumpy Cats’ products and captions.  You can’t help but smile!

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