Internal workings

Fact is, I analyze & dissect everything…  A friend of mine once nicknamed me “Analyze It”.  I’m the kid who took his brand new Timex watch apart, several days after Christmas, to see exactly what made it tick (Yes.  Pun intended!).  I absolutely loved my cousin Dales model of the human body with the removable plastic organs and bones and everything (Dale had all the cool toys!).  I had no wish to enter the medical field, I simply wanted to see how things fit together!  It is also why I excelled in later years, in the Auto-Mechanic class in Boys Town.  I could hardly wait until the semester where we disassembled, then reassembled an entire car engine, then were graded on areas such as 1).  Will it run?  2). Are there any leaks? 3).  Are the settings correct (timing, dwell, plug gaps and so on).  Soooooo….  Here we are many, many years later, and I still harbor that inquisitive trait.

It may explain why many of my floral works involve getting up close and personal with the flower.  I can’t agree more with the fact that a field of daisies is beautiful, or that a well-kept rose garden is a pleasure to stroll through.  BUT, I am the one who strays from the path to “become one” with individual blooms.

I have designed postage for wedding invitations, anniversary parties, graduation announcements and more, which usually involves including an entire bouquet chosen by the client.   However, once the project is complete to the customers satisfaction, I like to go back to look at the work on a bud-by-bud autopsy.  It has been a blessing.  And a curse.

My examination of the internal workings of a flower has not been profitable thus-far.  Though I’ve created prints, and stamps and other products depicting the “innards” of my floral collection, it seems folks prefer the distant view.  While, I am desperate in my attempt to earn a living creating designs and quality products, I KNOW I spend way too much time scrutinizing flower petals!  None the less, I share with you this go-around, a few samples of what results from my analytical personality…

Thank you, as always, for stopping by….

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