Vintage Art & Other Thoughts…

When living on the “High School Side” in Boys Town, we were allotted some wall space to decorate as we saw fit (as long as the wall hangings were approved by the Cottage Counselor first!) With the help of an old friend, Bob Fleming, I managed to cover every inch of my walls with something.  Posters, magazine covers and photographs.  In hindsight, I believe the area was a work or art in itself!  I will have to dig, but I’m certain I have a photo of “Cottage #30, Bedroom 3” somewhere…

There is not enough wall space in my home, for all the art that I like.  My moods go from Andy Warhol to Degas and everywhere in between.  I WAS fortunate at one time, to own a few pieces from two wildlife artists I favored,  Carl Brenders & Robert Bateman.  Alas, following several intestinal surgeries, the art had to go, in lieu of keeping the lights on.  I guess that is when I first got serious about marketing  my work.  Today though, I wanted to share the variety I so enjoy…  If you see a poster or print here that YOU like, simply click on it for further info…  Personally, I think EVERYONE should have that one piece that inspires them.  That one artwork that refreshes and makes them happy…  Even if it is a reprint…

“Rosie the Riveter” was a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories during World War II.  Many women worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and war supplies. These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military. Even today, “Rosie the Riveter” is commonly used as symbol of feminism and women’s economic power.  I dunno.  I always liked this print…

I also lean towards this Lovely old Coffee Advertisement!  To me, much of todays advertising is rather boring….  The great graphics on this one including the Lion and the Floral Branches and fabulous Typography.   If I had the room, this “Great Vintage Cafe Decor” would add character to the coffee corner in my kitchen!

I can’t go without acknowledging this piece, depicting even more of my lifes’ loves;  Horses, Mountains, and Cowboys!   “Cowboy Watering His Horse” (1937) is an American West portrait by NC Wyeth.  Newell Convers Wyeth (1882-1945), aka N.C. Wyeth, was an American artist and illustrator. He became one of America’s greatest American West illustrators. The painting depicts a cowboy with his horse drinking some water from a stream and if I had space, I’d have a re-print of this hanging somewhere in the house!!  Perhaps the “Man Cave”?

I’m not so certain I appreciate the poem overlaid on this print, for I believe all art should leave the viewer to their own imagination.  “Let the viewer tell their own story…” I was once instructed.  However, the poem included with the piece does tend to jump-start the process.  And yes, “If I had the space…!!!”

“While thus you woo the wayward breeze
Beneath the moon of strawberries,
Or hear autumnal voices croon
Beneath the yellow harvest moon,
New lore you learn–Oh, you grow wise
With wisdom of the earth and skies.
Dip! Dip! See how the Pinta speeds
Unchallenged past the sentinel reeds,
And scarcely startles yonder mink–
The Walton of this river brink.
Dip! Dip again! On either side
You wield a glistening blade and guide
Down the moon’s pathway–as you turn;
Your true affinity I learn.”

A woman in a white dress guides a canoe down a river past trees with fall foliage on a moonlit night in this antique illustration from 1906.  I kind of made up my own story; where she came from and why she didn’t bring any fishing gear!!!

Lastly, how could my wish list NOT include at least one or two Van Gogh reprints?  I’d never be able to afford an original, but I would derive the same amount of pleasure sitting in an easy chair with “Cypresses at Haute Galline” hanging over the fireplace! This  landscape painting features fields of wheat and cypress trees with white clouds swirling in an endless blue sky. By the way:  Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Post Impressionist painter whose work was most notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty, and bold color.

Suppose I’ve bent your ear long enough this trip.  Thanks for stopping byy!  Don’t forget to enjoy and support art, as Rod Stewart wrote…  “Every Picture Tells A Story…”

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  1. The Bob says:

    Thanks for the memories and the mention. Wasn’t that a collage?


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