I Still Haven’t Found My Place…

I guess I become so occupied with other things, that I miss the “trends”.  And then, the other day I was “counseling” with a friend of mine about THIS blog, and the traffic it receives.  Or lack thereof.   “You have to pick a speciality and stick with THAT…” he demanded.  The problem is I’m still looking!

Another Storm Posters
Another Storm Posters

 There is my love of the era of the mountain man and my life-time interest in the wolf.  Speaking of which, I’ve always been interested in the Native Americans, their way of living and their beliefs.  There is snowmobiling, drag racing, my love of old lumber yards and anything to  do with flowers.  I am STILL sorting out my allegiance to Kentucky, having left there when I was 12 years old.  I harbor vivid memories of my time there.  Although I have had opportunities to settle elsewhere,  I have a fondness for Nebraska, having been here 45 years!  At least THAT was my mailing address while I was devoting a big share of my life to being an owner/operator, running semi-trucks around this country for several million miles.

California Bridge Sunrise Greeting Card
California Bridge Sunrise Greeting Card

I’m sharing links here, to some of my art work which is a merely a culmination of things that are in my heart and mind.  Some of the art is from memories on the road.  Some from places I’ve been, some of what I have been able to enjoy since I’ve been officially grounded from trucking. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have well over 100,0o00 photos store away in 10 or 12 footlockers that i STILL need to sort through!   There is so much more I’d like to share before it’s done…

   In conclusion, if you’re expecting me to write about just one topic post after post after post, I guess you “unsubscribe”.  But, if you are searching for spontaneity and variety, hang in there!

As always, thanks for listening to the ramblings…

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2 Responses to I Still Haven’t Found My Place…

  1. Bob says:

    So, the question could be what is the purpose of my blog. If it is to express your thoughts, you are doing it and the mission is accomplished. If it is to attract more people, the problem becomes people don’t want to think, they want to experience. How do you get them to share your experience if it involves thinking.


  2. Having a wide variety of experiences and loves, makes a person far more well rounded, and not one dimensional…. Absolutely nothing wrong with that… I have long enjoyed a variety of you experiences… But then, I guess i am also difficult to pigeon hole. . Be yourself. And take care of yourself and that little dog.


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