Summer Thoughts

It’s officially summer and that means pool parties, BBQs, weddings and fun times in the sun. With all the events happening this season, it’s the prefect time to invest in the announcements, postage and party invitations you’ll be needing.  Whether it’s a summer-themed pool party invitation or the perfect wedding design, it’s ALL available through Zazzle (the folks who provide printing service for my artwork) and their affiliates!

Camping season is officially here too, and we’re excited  about the opportunities to hang out in the woods!  It’s never too early in life to start camping, whether in a campsite, in the thick wilderness or even in the backyard.  I’ve learned some folks even have “birthday camping parties” which is a neat idea!

So for all those upcoming birthdays in your calendar, think about a camping party — and think about some of these ideas for swag to help make it happen:  Get your kids pumped with a woodsy invitation that screams campfire, bright moon and marshmallows galore. There’s the Birthday Camp Out Invitation, or once you’re out there among the trees and stars, serve up your tortillas and s’mores on these Happy Camper plates:

I was fortunate to have two Dads, and I loved them both equally. My admiration for both men runs far beyond the father-son relationship we shared. Looking back on the series of Father’s Day posts, saluting new dads and funny dads and grandfathers alike, I wanted to end this posting with a round-up of presents to appeal to dads of all kinds  I know it’s down to the wire, but don’t forget — whether they’re serious or funny, seasoned or new, what makes your dad most special is that he’s yours!

If you think about your checklist for Father’s Day gifts, you need to start with a card. One of my favorites was this simple, “I love you Dad” cards.  There are other card which you can personalize  with your favorite family or baby photo, and it works just as perfectly for either your husband or your dad:

One year, MY Step-Dad received those wind-up chattering teeth for Fathers Day!  I DO still remember his laughter and his pleasure at the comical gift he received…  Think of a funny accessory for you Dad — right on time for barbecue season — get him the snazzy “Stand Back: Dad Is Grilling” Apron.

The Forth of July, the College World Series and many other summer activities  are just around the corner.  I did not attend this years Summer Arts Festival in downtown Omaha because it rained all weekend…  But, I’m sure there will be other events to report on as summer progresses!

Thanks for listening…

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