With little time remaining, the annual “Lunch With Warren Buffetauction  will probably set a new all time record.  Folks at Glide Foundation rejoice at the million dollar commitment folks enter into.  The Glide Foundation runs a church in San Francisco providing meals, medial care and other services for the needy.  In the last ten years, the auction has raised more than $11.5 million dollars!  The chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway joins the winner of these  auctions  for lunch, usually at a 5 star steakhouse,  at a mutually agreed upon date.

Warren Buffets words however, are what I wish to share with ALL of my friends…

“You change lives…  They feel every human being has potential no matter what their circumstances.  It is a proven process that a combination of love and time and energy and resources can produce a different human being.”

I did some “work”, I guess as a “floater” for the Stephen Center here in Omaha for a few months at the demand of the Workman Comp. folks.  Incorporating my years in the trucking industry, I was involved in routing, dispatching and scheduling for their donations truck that runs around the City.  I’ve helped clean and arrange the “Thrift Store” that helps support the Center.  And I have had the opportunity to “observe” from afar, a few examples of Warren Buffets words;  “…a proven process that a combination of love, and time and energy…”

There are several people I had the pleasure to interact with.  They obviously LOVE what they do, given the TIME and ENERGY they dedicate, not because it is their career, but because they are making a difference in peoples lives.  I’m fortunate…

Regardless that I was injured on the job and have been unable to be “gainfully employed.  I have tried anything and everything I know, to remain self sufficient.  I try to promote my graphics work without annoying people.  I’ve refinished a few pieces of furniture for folks.  Even went about building bird feeders  and attempting to market them, to generate what income I can.  I come home at the end of my day, to a warm meal, a friendly dog, and a fairly solid house.  There are so many, who aren’t as fortunate, whatever the reason.

I don’t personally know anyone able to donate millions of dollars, as folks like Warren Buffet has done, BUT I DO know of people who could help serve a meal at their local shelter.  Or organize a clothing rack at their local Red Cross or Goodwill Store.  You might think about it.  Donating an hour or two of your time to an organization you feel is doing good things in your own community.

Truly, at the end of the day the time you’ve given feels just as good as winning lunch with Warren Buffet! Best wishes to you all, and thank you for listening!

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  1. Love your attitude!


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