Celebrating Baby With Hallmark And Others…

I was told, with regard to this blogging thing, that I should pick ONE subject and stick with it as I write.  I admit, my posts seem to be a bit “all over the place”!  I’ve written about my dog, Skip and her criminal record, I’ve written about a few childhood memories.  I’ve written about life, death and everything in between…  I know it is a well worn quote, but with me, “You never know what you’re gonna’ get…!”

In a not-so-recent post, I shared   a wide wide selection of designs for weddings, available on our site.  Not only a few of MY designs, but those of other graphics folks, obviously more talented than myself!  Even Hallmark has joined up with Zazzle and has you covered with the perfect design for every life moment — including everything baby, from the baby shower to birth.  In some cases, I’ve been asked to create a specific, “personalized” postage stamp or invitation such as this one:

Here are some of my personal favorites from other designers (including Hallmark):

Let the world know about your bundle of joy with this custom postage:

All-stars are born, not always made — and tell the world with this personalized invite:

Little All-Star Personalized Invite
Little All-Star Personalized Invite by hallmarkbaby>

Got a new little man in the house? This announcement template is perfect:

This invite, complete with whimsical woodland creatures, is a great choice for a baby shower:

And don’t forget about all of the other “new baby” products:

This unique water bottle also comes in blue!!

…and on a more whimsical note…

Don’t forget, at your request I can personalize nearly EVERY card, or pillow or any other product we have available…Thanks for listening and congratulations to all of the new parents!

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