“If It Fits, It Ships!!



“If it fits, it ships!”  These bird feeder/planters measure exactly 9 x 11 and are 5 inches deep.  Each unit is hand-made, each joint is nailed and glued, then given one primer coat and two more coats of white exterior enamel paint.  The bottoms, while “screened” also allow for water drainage when it rains (or you’re watering the flowers!).

With shipping anywhere in the Continental US, the investment in these feeders/planters is only $45.00!  Now taking orders!  Contact me @ dbuckman@cox.net or message me here for further information



 A friend of mine shared a photo of a feeder she purchased, and I thought, “I can do better than that in my workshop!” I’ve looked around the greenhouses and lumber yards.  Most of the bird feeders I’ve seen are “factory” made and not of very good quality. Most were simply tacked together out of cheap wood and may last a couple of seasons.  I went about building a few of my design.   Since then, I’ve received some requests BUT for the sizes and the weight of the ones I completed, the cost of shipping was outlandish.  I HAVE delivered a few of the “originals” locally (Omaha & Council Bluffs) but to ship them was cost prohibitive.  Once again, after consideration, I decided, why not “Go to the Mountain…” since I couldn’t get the mountain to come to me…  After some minor redesigning, I came up with something I think works!  There is still adequate space for bird seed or flowers, AND they fit nicely in the Post Office supplied, “medium” boxes!  They are STILL nailed and glued and painted all by hand.

Again, shipping  anywhere in the US is included in the $45.00 price tag!  You may contact me through my e-mail, or the “contact” button on dennisbuckmnan.com

Thanks for listening!

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