2013 College World Series

I know I’ve been away, but I have a reasonable excuse.  I’m in the process of penning an explanation.  Meanwhile…

It won’t be long….

The 2013 NCAA Men’s College World Series will begin with Opening Celebration Day on Friday, June 14, here in Omaha, Nebraska!  Games will begin Saturday, June 15, and continue through Tuesday/Wednesday, June 25/26.  The  festivities are hosted at TD Ameritrade Park, a beautiful facility, three miles north of the old Rosenblatt Stadium.

We have all said our tearful goodbyes to Rosenblatt, the old, tradition-rich stadium on the hill in south Omaha. Now, fans attending the 2013 NCAA Men’s College World Series (CWS) at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha can expect a number of changes inside and outside the stadium, from new starting times for games and enhanced use of instant replay, to changes around the stadium.

 The Greatest Show on Dirt
The College World Series was first played in Omaha in 1950 and total attendance was 17,805. Although the College World Series is now a profitable event for all involved, they lost money for 10 of the first 12 years that it was in Omaha – 1950-1961. Four Omahans who maintained their faith and interest in the College World Series during those “lean” years are credited for the games continued presence in Omaha. The late Ed Pettis of the Brandeis Stores, the late Morris Jacobs and the late Byron Reed, both of Bozell & Jacobs, and of course, the late Johnny Rosenblatt, former Mayor of Omaha and an avid baseball fan. Baseball Burster Water Bottle How the city has adopted the College World Series from humble beginnings to its status as a nationally recognized event is one the citizens should be proud of.  The history of how the people of Omaha, its business leaders, city officials and volunteers, embraced the Series and teamed up with the NCAA to make it grow.
Opening Celebration  Friday, June 14  All Day
 Opening Rounds
 Game 1  Saturday, June 15  2 p.m.
 Game 2  Saturday, June 15  7 p.m.
 Game 3  Sunday, June 16  2 p.m.
 Game 4  Sunday, June 16  7 p.m.
 Game 5  Monday, June 17  2 p.m.
 Game 6  Monday, June 17  7 p.m.
 Game 7  Tuesday, June 18  2 p.m.
 Game 8  Tuesday, June 18  7 p.m.
 Game 9  Wednesday, June 19  7 p.m.
 Game 10  Thursday, June 20  7 p.m.
 Game 11  Friday, June 21  2 p.m.
 Game 12  Friday, June 21  7 p.m.
 Game 13*  Saturday, June 22  2 p.m.
 Game 14*^  Saturday, June 22  7:30 p.m.
Championship Series 
 Finals 1  Monday, June 24  7 p.m.
 Finals 2  Tuesday, June 25  7 p.m.
 Finals 3*  Wednesday, June 26  7 p.m.

So as the date nears, get ready to start penciling in your teams and prepare for the Road To Omaha!  I will try to stay current, as I am able!

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