I Lived To See Another Day!

Well, it’s true! I had my 4th surgery in a two-year span, on February 14th. Medical mumbo-jumbo aside, I had another plate and screws put alongside my spinal column and am now in the process of recovering.  I had VERY good intentions of doing some writing and getting caught up here during the recovery process.  Unfortunately, the initial pain and discomfort from the latest ordeal, prevented me from putting together an intelligible thought!  As time has passed, I am a bit more mobile and getting accustomed to the physical limitations.  All of that being said, I sure missed a lot!  TODAY is St. Patricks Day, and I had great expectations of having my own designs available well ahead of time.

Mug with st. Patrick’s Day seamless

Instead, I browsed around to find various products and designs by other artists and entrepreneurs who are enthused about the “holiday”.  I was never one that became overly excited about St. Pats.  It was entertaining to see others dye their hair green, wear funny, sparkly green hats and of course, I think it was friend Phil who insisted staying home on what he laughingly called, “Another Amateur Night”

For the college basketball fan, the playoffs and championships are well under way!  In fact, I think some of the brackets come out tonight.  I did a few basketball related pieces some time ago, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out where they are stored!  So again, I relied on creations of my cohorts to promote my enthusiasm for the upcoming games.  The problem is that some of MY favorite teams are already out of the running!

Let The Madness Begin Sticker

As a kid, I used to listen to University of Kentucky, and University of Louisville basketball games at night, on a small transistor radio hidden under my pillow.  After moving to Nebraska my interest in college ball waned until my own graduation.  I’ve always enjoyed the “out of the ashes” or “Cinderella” kinds of stories, always cheering for the underdog.  In any case, the games are  an opportunity to tease my physical therapist because HE is more of a fanatic than myself!  I hear from her that he “disappears” when the “Sweet 16” is set!

Stock Car Racing Post Cards

Another interest, stock car racing is also in full swing.  I watched the Daytona race, and Vegas.  This week they’re in Bristol.  Who was it?  Darrell Waltrip  I think said, “Racing at Bristol is like flying an airplane in your basement.” It’s true … there’s not a lot of room to maneuver and things can get tense in a hurry.  Watching Bristol is a bit like watching the local demolition derby.  Only at a lot faster pace!

I’ve had the opportunity to create a few logos and designs for folks during this downtime. With Spring weddings getting closer, graduations around the corner and a few friends stepping out on their own, the graphics work is picking up and I truly love the ability to imagine and create!  THESE links are of my own design!  I’m still doing quite a few floral pieces, on US Postage as well as greeting cards.  And of course, each and every design is available on various sizes of wall posters.  If you’re having a decorating dilemma, or looking for a unique housewarming gift, an inexpensive re-print might be the way to go!  You can see ALL of my floral work by clicking here!

I’ve met a lot of people in a variety if different settings.  Dawn, I believe we met because we had trucking in common. She and her husband own a couple of trucks, running up and down the highways that I miss terribly! I later learned that Dawn participates in the mountain man conventions and reenactments.  She’s shared a few of her experiences there, which has been interesting.   In fact, I designed their wedding stamps!   THEN I learn that she has been spending her “free time” cooking up and creating  a diversified menu of jellies and preserves and that sort of thing.  Since my Grandma Bowman passed MANY years ago, I didn’t know anyone was involved in canning anymore, so it was a real pleasure to know that Dawn is carrying on the tradition.  In speaking to her she stated that she has created some unusual flavor combinations.     Soooo, if hour interested, you can contact Dawn at:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/DawnsSweetThangs.   As a post script, yes, I designed her two-sided cards!!  If YOU have  a special request for your hobby or business, simply contact me here or via e-mail to arrange a personalized design.

As an example, I created these coffee cups for a local business.  I did another for the son of a friend of mine, who is proudly serving in the military.  Let me remind, logos or designs that are copyrighted are forbidden to use on the postage stamps.  I had one that vaguely depicted the old “Texaco” logo on an antique gas pump.  I could not get the piece approved until I painted over the logo!

For Dawn Mug

On the other hand, another friend had received a beautiful flower bouquet for her birthday.  When I complimented the flowers, she offered to let me use them in one of my creations!  I guess to moral of the story is, if you want it, I can make it, and I will do so to your liking!    It’s not as if I’m sittin’ around the house with no ambition!  I just have to redirect my energy and passion for trucking, into  something else I enjoy doing!

If you have a special event coming up;  birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, birth announcements… heck I can even create post cards in advance, for your upcoming summer vacation!

Thanks for allowing me to ramble, and I appreciate your input!

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