Yellow Roses

In the past, I’ve tried to pass along the meaning of a variety of flowers.  Some of you may be thinking, “Oh no!  He’s on THAT kick again”.  Others may appreciate the fact that if you do your homework, you can send the right message, with the right choice of cards and flowers!!

Whisky Mac Rose Postcard

Not only is the Yellow Rose of Texas, a flower, but it also a traditional folk song!  The tune is based on a Texas legend from the days of the War of Independence.  According to the legend, a woman named Emily West was seized by Mexican forces during the Galveston raid.  She later seduced the commander of the Mexican forces, causing him to lower his guard, thus his military suffered defeat in the Battle of San Jacinto near present day Houston.

On the “floral” side of things…  Yellow roses are a traditional flower for friendship.  Often used to express platonic love between friends of different genders these roses are sent with a message not laced with romantic hopes.  Either way, this flower will brighten any room, make a unique greeting card AND dress up that snail mail for a more personal touch!

Yellow Roses Card

Yellow roses, with their sunshine color show the joy and happiness that friends bring into our lives and as such the yellow rose is very appropriate to send to friends.  One of the things that make the yellow rose so special is that it indicates a true friend and a true friend is a rare and wonderful gift. Always remember to include a card with thoughts that pass on the message of the flower in words spoken from the heart. The yellow rose meaning will not be hidden in any way when you share it in your own language of love.

The Yellow Rose of Texas Greeting Cards
I read that Hallmark lost money last year, and is considering closing some stores.  For someone like me, THAT news alone is disheartening.  After all, if THEY are loosing money, what chance do I have to earn an income with my little one-man operation?  We have all heard that the Post Office is loosing money and considering cutting back, but I am STILL a believer in the hand-written note, and encourage people to drop their friends a note.  Am I THAT old-fashioned ?  I guarantee, stored away in footlockers here at home, are a few letters from my Dad and Step-Dad…  My grandmother as well as other relatives and friends.

Well…  There I go “wandering” again, I apologize for that.  Hope that you enjoy the card designs I’ve done, and that you’ll share the links with friends and family.  Who knows, someone may even send YOU one of my cards!!

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