Attending the 28th Annual Cathedral Flower Festival

With Summer, even Spring feeling a million miles away, it was real pleasure to partake in the annual Cathedral Flower Festival. And an even greater joy to derive such positive stimulus just a few days after receiving not so good news from the neurosurgeon I use.  More on THAT later…The Cathedral Arts Project mission is to, “Promote the performing and visual arts which uplift and challenge the human spirit.”  Along with many other people the gloomy rainy weather failed to keep ME away.  And the resulting collection of “material” for my own art provided a bright spot in an otherwise glum situation!

The 2013 Festival involved over 40 of Omahas best floral designers, as well as countless volunteers who donated their time throughout the year putting the event together.  It’s an opportunity to stroll through the historical structure and enjoy artistic floral creations accompanied by live music performed by area musicians.  This Festival is a wonderful gift to the Metro area.  The florists, artists, and musicians all share with us their many talents to bringing the visual and performing arts to the Cathedral.

In future posts I intend to communicate additional history of  what was the 28th Flower Festival, as well as some background regarding St. Cecelias.  And of course my pondering through the day!

Begun in 1905 and consecrated in 1959, historic Saint Cecilia Cathedral is the master work of renowned architect, Thomas Rogers Kimball.  Ranked among the ten largest cathedrals in the United at the time of its completion, the structure is two hundred fifty-five feet in length, one hundred fifty-eight feet in width and two hundred twenty-two feet in height.  The cathedral interior was brought to completion following World War II.  The windows were created in the studio of Charles J. Connick of Boston while much of the sculpture is the work of Albin Polasek.

Pink Flowers on Canvas Cards
Pink Flowers on Canvas Cards

It was a good day.  A productive use of time, and I collected a few hundred photos for future artistic endeavors of my own.  Oh, and thank you Amy, for agreeing to make the trip…

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