Coffe & Art

Coffee cups are just coffee cups, or ARE they?  Recently as I am creating, the thought DOES go through my mind, “How is this going to look on a coffee cup?”  I realize THAT may be the backwards way of doing things, OR perhaps I should simply concentrate on one or the other..!  The fact that people are actually buying the coffee cups bearing my art, has provided encouragement to create more!

The majority of the cups depict art I’ve created, submitted to the marketplace then posted under the customized store category “Mugs” in my “Zazzle” store.  After ordering several for my own use, I realized these are sensational mugs! I’ve learned that my art on the mugs is quite the perfect match for a whole bunch of reasons. Made to be used daily, these coffee mugs can be incorporated into housewarming gifts, birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and so on…!  If you really enjoyed this wonderful mug design, you might find other favorites in the creator’s store or in the marketplace. colored to match. 


In fact, the coffee mug idea has evolved into “personalized custom” designs.  I’ve been asked by people, “Can you add this for my sons graduation?”  or “Can you create this for my mom?” I’ve put the new baby on a cup for Grandma, Dads favorite hunting dog…  I have even done some designs for several businesses’.

If you really enjoyed this wonderful mug design, you might find others you , or someone you know, may enjoy. Although they are available in  11 oz. or 15 oz. sizes, I prefer the 15 oz. because they seem to allow the graphics to pop.   The trim is available in 10 colors, but what I’ve tried to do is coordinate the trim to the piece I am designing.  For example, on the “SeaBee” cups, the trim seemed to really allow the graphics to stand out. The mugs are excellent to use on a daily basis. Unique and very durable the are dishwasher and microwave safe, but I’ve preferred to hand wash the ones I’ve ordered for my kitchen!

Church In The Snow Mugs

 If you really enjoyed the few wonderful mug designs, I have here,  you might find other favorites in the “main store” .  Or better still, if you have a design idea in mind, contact me and we will work together for that perfect, personal gift! I guarantee, they are expertly manufactured.

Consequently, these exquisite designs will turn your plain ‘ole morning coffee, into a legitimate representation of fine art.

As a post script, here is what a few others have said about the coffee cups:

“Was very happy with these coffee cups they are very high quality and would recommend and will be purchasing another after the holidays for my son with a special pic…”
“The product has absolutely beautiful color, clear images and received in good condition with excellent safe packaging. Thank you!
“I just received my order and loved it. The mugs are so pretty and make a perfect gift for someone who drinks coffee or tea and if you’re not sure what to get them for Christmas or any other occasion this is great!”
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