My AFTER Christmas Timing Isn’t The Best

Christmas trees can have a second chance after the holidays. They actually supply a source of  aditional life as more people recycle their Christmas trees each year.

I did something a little different in 1993, opting for a live potted tree that I was determined to plant in the back yard AFTER the holidays. And I did! My daughter was to be born January 24th, so soon after the ornaments and lights were put away, the balled up tree was planted in a pre-dug hole in my back yard, commemorating my daughters birth. I recently “painted” that tree aND IT Has been accepted for First Class Postage!.  Though I haven’t seen Ashley face to face since an hour visit following my intestinal surgery in 2008, the rugged old pine tree still stands in the back yard as a representative of that which we shared.

I had a friend who lived on a lake, and each year Mark collected several trees from his neighbors, as well as his own, and submerge said treasures at the bottom of the lake with concrete “overshoes”. I can’t tell you the fun we had in later years, scuba diving the sites where Mark had submerged the trees, to investigate the aquatic life that had moved in! Bass, Blue Gill and other varieties of fish chose those new locations as feeding area and refuge.  As an avid SCUBA diver, Marks efforts and the actions of others like him made “Christmas” all the more year round…

Still others participate in participating in mulching programs in their communities. The trees are collected, ground up or “mulched” then used for garden ares, parks and even future nutrients other plants need to survive! Around here, several Boy Scout troops actually came to your home and picked up your tree, for their mulching programs!
No matter. The football games are about over, the kids are back in school, and most all of us have returned to our daily “non-holiday” schedules.

If you’re incorporating a live tree into your festivities, give consideration to what you will do with it AFTER the holiday season..

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