I KNOW It’s After Christmas!

My First Christmas In Nebraska Canvas Print
My First Christmas In Nebraska Canvas Print

FIRST let me say, “Don’t panic!”  If you click on this print, the link will take you to the large canvas version!  Very expensive!  There are other printing formats and sizes available, if you look to the right of the page!

One of my fondest memories are of my first midnight service away from the City of Louisville, where I would spend the next five or so years of my life. Religion aside, I STILL spend some time in the solitude of this building, when I feel the need to gather my thoughts, resolve some depression or simply reflect on this thing called “life”.

I have extremely fond memories of this old church and the people I grew up with. THIS scene, my first Christmas in Nebraska, is etched into memory…And it WILL be etched in my memory for all of my life.

Until recently, I’ve been unable to put to paper, my own rendition of that Christmas Eve. I wanted to create a piece of art, to do justice to the depth of that experience. A place of safety, without violence, a place of security, a place with real friends, a place where lifelong relationships were formed. To most viewers, this is just another Christmas painting, but to those who have lived and experienced it, I hope that it rekindles and provides fond memories… Having written several trains of thought regarding this piece as I promote the print I am still hitting a roadblock. Nothing, I don’t have the ability to put into words the rush of emotions I experienced as this piece developed. There were smiles, laughter, tears, and that “warm” feeling you get when you feel good with life…  There’s also that empty feeling you get when you recall friends, teachers, counselors and others long since gone…

The prints are available on both canvas and other printing formats in a variety of sizes. Greeting Cards, post cards and First Class Postage also accompany the piece.

I’ve tried to live the creed, “He ain’t heavy Father, he’s my brother…” though none of us are perfect!  Sometimes our efforts are productive and we are able to witness the fruits or our labor.  On other occasions, our efforts seem to backfire.  All of that aside, MY time there, was an extremely important part of my life.

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1 Response to I KNOW It’s After Christmas!

  1. Carlene Ragusa says:

    It’s beautiful, Dennis. I was raised Catholic, even though I don’t go to church every Sunday, the church is still a place of solace when I have major things to work out in my life. Carlene


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