New Years

I have been experimenting with various sizes and printing methods with some of my recent works. Personally, I find it intriguing and interesting to divide ONE piece into two, three even four separate panes. On my Zazzle site, you can “see” the print in a variety of settings by looking below the piece and using the tools they’ve provided.

Wall CanvasI am spending MY New Years Eve experimenting some more… How about you?

Thank you EVERYONE for taking the time to read my ramblings and for visiting my web site.  Thank you also, to those who have allowed me to create “personal” graphics for them in 2012.  For the parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries I am grateful.  Happy 2013!

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1 Response to New Years

  1. Happy New Year, Dennis and to that pup of yours also. Love what you are doing. With the wood paneling background, it looks like you are looking at it through a paned windrow.


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