2013 Calendars

It’s difficult to accept, 2012 is nearly gone. Eleven months of the year turned to memories.  Other than one short burst of frigid temperatures, we haven’t been close to winter weather. However, I am already anxious for Spring to arrive!  Both my Dad and Step-Dad used to say that I was born during the most beautiful time of year (early Fall) and I DO love that time of year.  But as these bones grow older, it saddens me to look out in the garden, barren now of any color whatsoever!

This year, I actually grew some of the “inspiration” I needed for a few art projects.   I must say, I was thrilled with the results.  Wish I’d have planted more!  A number of the pieces in this years’ calendar were grown in my own back yard.  Others, inspired by other peoples gardens…
A collection of 14 pieces from 2012, gracing the pages of the new 2013 Calendar. I designed this in a way that you may remove the pages, and frame them individually as the months pass by. Many of my “fans” have done this with the calendars from previous years.  I even had a client who framed the calendar pages to be used as housewarming gifts!
Those who know and “follow” me will attest that 2012 was NOT a very good year around here.  AND, it’s not winding down any better, as Skip will require ANOTHER eye surgery before the year is out!  We’ve had three different Vets involved, trying to save her eyesight.
 Nothing definite yet.   BUT, as I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner (which yes, I WILL cook this year!), I will be grateful for more than just smoked turkey and pecan pie.  I have wonderful friends that have cheered me on.  They don’t hesitate to promote the graphics work I’ve been doing, knowing I rely on the sale of every package of postage stamps and every print and post card to survive.  I’ve even had a few “special requests that I felt honored to fulfill.   “Going Away Party” invitations, special order postage stamps  for a couple of weddings, a few coffee mugs,  and more!
I hope to have a lot more to say before the year is out.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and be sure to tell your friends, there are some BEAUTIFUL 2013 Calendars available in my gallery!!!
Thank you everyone….
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