Contributions Of National Geographic

I have ALWAYS love the photography published by National Geographic. I remember as a child, imagining it was ME behind the camera, in the Arctic, the Grand Canyon and other worldly locations…

I HAVE been fortunate to have spent time in MANY indescribable places on our planet;  I have memories (AND photos!) while camping in the midst of a snowstorm in the Badlands in South Dakota….

I have been to and spent time in such places such as Chesapeke Bay…  Truckers normally HATE layovers, yet I managed to take advantage of every extra minute I was afforded during my time on the road.

…And even though I have several million miles under my belt, I could spend several lifetimes, exploring JUST the State of California!

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California. Posters
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California. Posters by NationalGeographic

Try as I may, to imitate the talent of the photographers at National Geographic, I doubt I will ever train my eye, OR my equipment to capture the details they are able to put to print, issue after issue…

I KNOW I;ll never have the opportunity to capture the details of a star, or far away plant.  NOR will I live long enough to visit the Great Sphinx…

I learned through an arrangement with National Geographic and Zazzle (the folks who publish MY art work) there are 46 or so pages of products, camera cases, tee shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs and MORE, depicting images which have been published by National Geographic.
Perhaps if MY artistic endeavors don’t quite please your soul, you may find something, produced by true professionals which will…
Give them a visit by clicking on any of the images I selected and published here…
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1 Response to Contributions Of National Geographic

  1. risingsun9365 says:

    your work is beautiful Dennis. I always enjoy each and every posting you put up. I too have always imagined being a National Geographic Photographer as well. when I was recently enrolled in the art institute, I did a mock job proposal, and it was to work with National Geographic, and what I had found out about them was amazing and what it really takes to become one of the worlds best photographers. I can always dream and aspire to be that good.


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