After The Rain

I am embarrassed that I allowed the blog to “get away” from me.  Especially after all of the effort to make it a success.  The idea was to tie it in with my art work as well as the opportunity to share some of life’s experiences and opinions!  Instead, “life” once again overwhelmed and distracted me from the goal!

I actually DID grow this flower in the back yard earlier in the year!  One afternoon, following a brief, but much-needed rainstorm, I toured the yard, camera, pencil and note pad in hand.  This was the end result.  It’s been available since it’s “naming” and completion.  In thinking back, “After the Rain” seems an appropriate title, since that’s where I am again, in life!

After The Rain Prints

Thank you for your loyalty and stopping in for a visit.  I will attempt to do better here!

I HAVE been working on some other pieces, and hope to get them ALL up here as soon as I can get the narrations completed.
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1 Response to After The Rain

  1. Mary Ragusa says:

    I think it is a beautiful picture, Dennis. You have so much talent.



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