Don’t Forget The Upcoming Olympics

The 2012 Olympics are upon us.  Once again I’m ill prepared!  I DID intend to do some design work in preparation for the games, but time has gotten away from me!  Heck I missed nearly ALL of the swimming trials that were held in Omaha!  Instead, I’ll share a few designs I found which I believe displays the pride I have in our country quite well!

I CAN do something special for you and yours, if you’ll contact me through my web site at:

Does anyone have a favorite “Summer Olympic” sport?  I KNOW I’m going to have several on-going debates with my friends that live in the London area…  In fact, the bragging has already begun!


No matter your favorite sport, don’t forget to show your support for Team USA and that down home, American Pride!

I know some of you weren’t even born in the year of MY favorite Olympics ever… On Feb. 22, 1980, in an upset dubbed the “Miracle on Ice,” the United States hockey team defeated the Soviets, 4-3, at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. “Few victories in American Olympic play have provoked reaction comparable to tonight’s decision at the red-seated, smallish Olympic Field House,” wrote The New York Times. “At the final buzzer, after the fans had chanted seconds away, fathers and mothers and friends of the United Sates players dashed onto the ice, hugging anyone they could find in red, white and blue uniforms.” In my own neighborhood, people were crying and shouting and dancing in the street!!

Ahh well, I hope everyone is having a pleasant summer and enjoy the games!

American Peace Bottle Drinking Bottle 

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