Pillows & Charity

I have been extremely fortunate to have some VERY good friends in my life. In 18 months, I have endured a shattered shoulder, a heart attack AND spinal surgery!  Though the saga continues, I would like to think I’m finally on the road to recovery.  While this has been going on my “survival” has been marginal if not seemingly hopeless at times. From out of the blue, I’ve received “care packages” from friends, moral and emotional support.  Though I’m not setting any records, folks are visiting my new website and at least visiting from time to time.  Yet, I often feel helpless to “give back”.  Not long ago, I came across an article, which pertained to people helping other people, that I wanted to pass along.

Using products as a tool for social good is an idea that’s been around a very long time.  The selling and buying of Girl Scout cookies is but one example.  I believe the activity benefits everyone involved. (I especially like the Thin Mints and used to order a lot!). BUT the concept continues to grow in other venues. 

Animal Oasis Lumbar Pillow

An example of  “mutual benefit”  is a marriage I stumbled across in my association with Zazzle.  As most of you know, the folks at Zazzle carry and produce all of MY art work.  Most of you ALSO know my penchant for flowers!  Actually I was browsing the artwork of others when I ran across this unique union.

The “mutual benefit approach” I found are the custom pillows from “American MoJo” and the hand-painted art work created by “Comfort The Children” students. The end result is a hand-stitched pillow produced by American MoJo single mothers.

“Through the marriage of content and products on the Zazzle platform, we create two beneficiaries with  one product. Applying this concept to charities means two charities from opposite ends of the world can work together to drive social good.”  And I believe there is a third beneficiary:  the consumer!

Of course, the childrens paintings/drawings of the roses are what attracted ME to their site, but as I began browsing, I became infatuated with their other artwork and the story behind it as well!

 There is the “Tribal” painting  “Man And River” that I enjoyed.  I just think the drawings these kids are doing are great!


“The consumer purchasing this product will benefit both the CTC charity and the American MoJo charity right here in the USA. Of course this kind of collaboration is something these charities could do together if they made a project of it, but the speed, execution, and experience powered by Zazzle is something that would be impossible to replicate at scale.”

CTC International - Roses



I once wrote, and am STILL of the mindset that I’m NOT a “something for nothing” kind of person.  The last 18 months have been a “chaotic disaster” for me.  I SO deeply appreciate folks who normally wouldn’t, have at least browsed if not invested in my artwork.  I think somehow, sharing my knowledge of the union between CTC and American MoJo is an opportunity to give back in some small way.  So I guess if you’re looking to help someone, but still feel you should get something in return, invest in some art, take a look at the drawings these kids have done.  At the very least, pay their site a visit and let them know your opinion!

 …And as always, thank you for stopping in!

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  1. I like stopping in…. and now have my own blog here…. Karin Noren.


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