House Calls

Following my most recent surgery, what the bills refer to as: “Allografts, morselized and placement of osteopromotive material and accompanying spinal arthrodesis.  Anterior interbody, including disc space seperation, disectomy,  Anterior instrumentation 2 to 3 vertebral segments.  Autograft including harvesting of the graft and bone marrow aspiration.  Alloraft, structural in spine surgery”…(Is THAT about a mouthful?)  I was complaining one day of extreme,  unbearable pain.

A friend of mine said, “Why don’t you call and go in to see the doctor?”  “Because I can’t move, much less drive myself to the doctor!”  “Well then, tell HIM to come see YOU!”

Yeah, right!  Perhaps during “the good old days”.  When “Coke” was a refreshment that came in glass bottles.  Or in the old t.v. series  “Gunsmoke” when “Doc Adams” made the rounds in his buggy!  I think even medical hero “Marcus Welby” was depicted making house calls!  Heck, I can’t get the neighbor kid over here to give me a bid for mowing the grass, how in the world would I ever convince the surgeon in charge of my care, to come pay me a visit!

I first titled this piece, “Havin’ Company” as I imagined a rural setting on a warm Sunday afternoon when the neighbors down the road might come calling.  But I thought, “How come the neighbors have a car, and the residents don’t?”  Instead, after my recent medical experiences, I’m naming this, “House Calls”.  Except, if that service were available today, the neurosurgeon would be transported in a chauffeur driven stretch Mercedes.

Meanwhile, regarding my pain, I DID call the doctor and arranged to a ride over to see him.  After a few more scans, x-rays and tests, he determined that my body was being “slow to react” to the aforementioned surgery, and that everything was fine.  I was given another prescription, and in a nutshell advised:  “Take two of these every four hours and call me in a couple of weeks!”

As has become the “norm” this piece is available from canvas, poster paper, greeting cards, post cards and United States First Class Postage Stamps.  Enjoy the newest piece and thanks for listening!

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