Double Vision

I have no idea how our brains make sense of sight.  Obviously, most of us don’t expect to see double images. But in truth, the ability to see a single image with two eyes involves a complex system of muscles, nerves and other eye parts.  I read of the various causes of “double vision” and forms of treatment but when I tried researching, lost interest almost immediately.  THIS piece was “doubled” intentionally!

Seeing Double Prints
Seeing Double Prints

What was the name of that science fiction television show, where the introduction was, “…There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…”?  Anybody?  As this particular piece evolved, that saying kept popping in and out of my mind! “Don’t adjust the picture…”Seeing Double Postage
Seeing Double Postage

I read of another technique I’d like to try.  THIS piece came as a result of something similar:   The artist projects the original image onto the canvas, then paints the canvas.  I often “import” the original into the computer, do a little (or a lot) of editing, print the results, THEN repaint, once again until I get it right.  Then, to get it delivered here, re-scan one more time….


Meanhwile, “Seeing Double” is available in ALL of the expected formats.  Canvas, Poster Paper, Post Cards, Greeting Cards and recently approved United States First Class Postage!  Simply click on the image for a visit….

Thanks for listening….
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