The Happy Hunting Grounds

The Happy Hunting Grounds

“I will follow the white man’s trail. I will make him my friend, but I will not bend my back to his burdens. I will be cunning as a coyote. I will ask him to help me understand his ways, then I will prepare the way for my children. Maybe they will outrun the white man in his own shoes. There are but two ways for us. One leads to hunger and death, the other leads to where the poor white man lives. Beyond is the happy hunting ground where the white man cannot go.”

Many Horses – Oglala Sioux

Happy Hunting Ground Prints
Happy Hunting Ground Prints

To the Native American, the Happy Hunting Ground resembles the living world, but with much better weather and animals.  It is a place where one finds abundance in all that is needed or desired.

The Happy Hunting Ground is a place where one may pursue their passion and activity without restriction.  It’s a “place” which provides feelings of great pleasure, and an absolute absence of evil.  The Happy Hunting Ground is by no means, “easy street”, for dedication and effort is still required.  To dwell there, the individual MUST attend to the tools of his trade as diligently as when he were still of this world.

For the career-over-the-road-trucker, THIS is a place where the souls of drivers of days gone by are gathered together. Here the freight is plentiful, the roads are long and the weather clear. A world of abundant opportunity for the free-spirited, hard-driving truck drivin’ man.

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