Overgrown Prints


THIS piece is a far cry from other things I’ve done and slipped into the “Rural” category.  In hindsight, I should have put it into “Vintage Vehicles”.  Or, perhaps it fits into BOTH…

I have many years worth of photographs that I use for subject matter in my work.  The majority being my own.  But over time, knowing my “tastes”  people have also sent pictures with notes:  “Can you do this one?”  Or, “I thought you might like this!”  I have pictures of bridges, flowers, people, and yes, abandoned vehicles. 

I especially liked this one, and don’t know what took me so long to get around to it.  Perhaps I was saving it for a few of those “rainy days” such as we’ve been having lately!

Below, are a few example of both “Rural” and “Vintage Vehicles” I’ve done.  You’ll have to let me know into which category YOU think “Overgrown” belongs!

The original “Overgrown” piece measures 47 x 31 inches on canvas, but it is available in other printing formats and sizes.  Just be sure that if you order a smaller size, that the image doesn’t get “cropped”.

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