Pretty Darn Deep For June 22nd, 2008

Wow!  I had another writing all prepared, but the announcement would be premature.  Instead, I ran across something I wrote nearly 4 years ago!   Still holds true today!

Sunday, June 22, 2008
I Have Been Thinking…

Throughout my own journey, I have yet to understand the numerous lessons learned in this life. Moreover, in reality, I have often failed to recognize “lessons” as they’re presented! I realize that we are multi-sensory and some communications are received more clearly than others are. For me, things take awhile to soak in…

Thistle card

In addition, we hear a lot about empowerment these days. Becoming empowered is regarded as an enviable, desirable position to attain in ones life, and definitely a desirable state in which to live. Nevertheless, how to ever attain that status? How do we empower ourselves? How do we take control? It often seems, the less we have control, the more frustrated we become. I have experienced this frustration.

Yellow Flowers card
Single Rose card

I always believed that we learn by living every day in the present moment, honoring our commitments and responsibilities, regardless of how convenient or inconvenient. We do not often, consciously think about our ability to enter into the center of our hearts and attempt to strengthen our own spiritual beliefs. The reality is, we are all free-spirited, and able to choose how we wish to live here. Living every day and trying not to harm what is in front of us, beside us, or behind us. To see beauty where others see ugliness. To find the divine in the simplest aspects of nature or others around us. Being aware of our actions, how they affect others, and make sound decisions accordingly. In each of us should be the priority, to be able to help others around us to complete our lives.

Floral Cards card

I have been thinking how our lives are filled with miracles. Often, without realizing, we see and experience them everyday. Just as often, the entanglement of our everyday living either blurs our vision or we refuse to look outside of the tunnel we are following. So many of us are living on the fast track most of the time not able, or desiring to slow down. We put ourselves on a sub-conscious time schedule where we do not take the time to enjoy the moment or follow our own inner timeline that leads to inner peace. I often envy those who have listened to that inner voice and followed their hearts.

On The Edge card

Recently, I have taken the time to think back over life, attempting to count the many times that miracles have occurred in my own life. The times that I was saved from near accidents, or serious illness where I was able to recover. I recall individuals who were close to me. Those who recovered from major illness and were able to go on with their lives. Those who have averted certain tragedies. It has been during these reflections that I am more aware of the miracles and know that we are all, blessed by the Great Spirit.

Solitude Rose card

The experiences I’ve had, I believe has caused my faith become stronger. At this moment I believe there is, a Greater Being and that I must have the faith to recognize, and perhaps analyze my own miracles. Sometimes a miracle can turn our lives around where we begin to slow down and see how precious each moment of our lives is. Yet, many times we forget to say “Thank You”. There have been so many people who stepped forward in my own life. They are my miracles. I surely wish to thank them…

On The Post Blank Card card

I would like to believe that even with the tests, the hurdles and obstacles I’ve been faced with that now is the time to attempt to clear out my brain of the negativity and the chaos that seems to surround me occasionally. And of course to say “Thank you…” more often. I do need to be more clear-sighted and receptive to the smaller things, because the daily experience of life is flowing and powerful and should rise above the boundaries that limit so many people. Including me.

Though I often think I am “different” in the way of sensitivity, I do not feel I am alone. I would love to hear from those with similar rational wanderings…!  And whatever your belief, thanks for putting up with me!

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1 Response to Pretty Darn Deep For June 22nd, 2008

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Amazing…Is just about all that I can say. You have proven to be quite the Writer, not to mention Artist. I admire you not for your Great Works…but the Great Man that you are. You still smile when I know your heart is breaking. You never give up.


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