I had intended to post this writing in the third-party, in Skips new blog.  BUT, I am not technology savvy!  I rely on my friend Ann more than I should and Westminster came and went on February 14th…  Being the animal lover that I am, AND in my attempt to promote a joint effort between Ann and I with the “Skipstore“, I thought I’d better go ahead and get this out there!

Although a 4-year old Pekingese took off with the “Best In Show” recognition at Westminster, I can’t say that I was as delighted as the crowd I observed on live television.  Even though the Pekingese is partially judged on their ability to move with a slow and dignified gait, MY favorites performed just as well.

Malachy beat out a Dalmatian, a Doberman, an Irish Setter, a Blue Terrier, a Wire-Haired Dachusund and MY favorite, a German Shepherd.  Having been raised as a child, with the German Shepherd breed, I ALWAYS cheer for them!  OUR Shepherds never made it to Westminster, but we did quite well in both “Conformation” and “Obedience” in those days.  Sugar and Tammy were OUR trophy winners.  Heck, at Westminster this go around, the Shepherd (and the others) walked under their own power on their way to the green carpet.  Malachy?  He was carried by his handler for the final line up! “Sissy dog…” I thought.

I guess it was the 4th time a Pekingese has won at Westminster, since 1990.  The dogs win the coveted “Silver Bowl” but NO prize money.  Payday is the prestige of the title which lasts a lifetime and the wealth is in the breeding potential for “the perfect” animal.  Who cares that he will now “retire” and chase his tail in his spare time.  He won “Best In Show”. 

Malachy drew cheers at the event, while a couple of PETA people were booed as they tried to reach the center ring and disrupt the event.  Wasn’t but a couple of years ago those people disrupted the championship presentation and I’m sure the folks in charge of Westminster weren’t going to let that happen again.

OK.  So congratulations to Malachy, his owners, trainers and handlers.  But NEXT year, our SHepherds will be back!

BY the way…   Ann and I are promoting the “Skipstore“.  Hence the links for these various products in this writing.  We’ve already had a few people contact us about adding their pet to our backgrounds, postage stamps, and so forth.  There IS a wide variety of products we have available in which we can “share” your pet.  Stop by the new site, let us know what you think.  We, the average pet owner, may never make it to Westminster, but we love our pets as if they were “Best In Show”!

Apology Card card

Kitty Postage stamp

My Friend Card card
Cheer Up Cards card
Art, My Pet And A Liberty Bottle libertybottle
Roll Over Minutes Shirt shirt
Add Your Pet Plate plate

Thank you everyone, for putting up with this decrepit old truck driver who is in fear of being put out to pasture too soon… I invite your opinions always…

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