I Needed A Break

It’s been a culmination of things that’s left me feeling frazzled.  This right shoulder is NOT healing as it should.  As a result, the therapy sessions are more painful than they should be….     After I wrote the last entry regarding “Touching Souls” I was also suffering from plain ‘ole brain drain. Concerned about what I’ll do or where I’ll go if they can do no more for the shoulder… 

As everyone knows, I use the Print-On-Demand site, Zazzle for mass producing my art work.  They ALSO carry the creations on United States Postage.  13 denominations in fact.

Shepherd Sundown Postage stamp

It was my friend Anne’s idea during one of those “Cheerleading, everything’s gonna be fine…”  telephone calls that I so desperately need lately.  “Why don’t you put Skip on a stamp?   EVERYONE loves Skip!”  Well.  I did.  But couldn’t stop there!  One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was “borrowing” friends dogs, cats…  I have some other ideas…  It’s been fun.  Another project that has kept me awake until 4:00 a.m. each night while I clip, cut, edit, transfer, touch up, and then seek approval, for each of the stamps that I’ve created. 

In fact, another friend, Christy, who raises German Shepherds (GSD for short) ASKED, “Could you put Lexi on a stamp?”  Quite a compliment considering Lexie was her all time favorite dog which passed away last year.  In exchange, I asked to borrow more of her dogs (two of them are on the postage stamp shown above).

So yes.  I’ve been busy creating “Pet Stamps” as I call them.  The good news, is that if you have a decent photo of YOUR pet; Dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, gerbil…   I can put them on a First Class U.S. Postage stamp for you.  Yes, they are “normal” USPS Approved postage stamps.  Yes, the Post Office honors them.  Yes, I can even put your pets name, or other “words” on your stamp!

Look through the ones I have posted.  Either leave me a note here or email me the image you would like on your stamp (dbuckman@cox.net) and in a matter of days, I will have your stamps created, approved and ready to be shipped.  The whole project has been a mood changer, in a positive way!

Labs Deliver Postage stamp

Pie The Brittany Postage stamp

Add your dog photo to this birch tree stamp

Huskies Deliver Postage stamp

Feline Postage stamp

Odd Couple Postage stamp

You get the idea!  I can put your pet on nearly ANY background, in ANY city…   The other thought, was what a unique gift this would be!  To give someone several sheets of stamps of THEIR pet on customized US Postage!

Thank you everyone, for puttin’ up with me!

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3 Responses to I Needed A Break

  1. annie says:

    Love these! I think these would be great on cards and stickers too! Way to go Dennis.


  2. Ruby says:

    Beautiful Dennis!!!


  3. I do work on Zazzle too. Hope your store is doing well. :).


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