Dedicated to My Boys Town Brother

I’ve done a couple of other pieces, with a friend of mine in mind.  I’m getting closer with each painting, to express the love of racing which he and I shared…

Leader Of The Pack Prints print
Leader Of The Pack Prints

It’s been a number of years since my “brother” passed away. Ron and I grew up in Boys Town Nebraska together, and remained friends long after.  That is until lung cancer took his life some time ago. After a stint at Nebraska Technical College, in Milford Nebraska, we parted company… Ron to Ohio, me to Omaha…. Ron always favored the sprint cars, while I went the drag racing route.  At least in the beginning. I used to tease Ronnie that “Sprint cars make no progress.  You guys are always going in circles, while us drag racers move in a forward direction and cover new ground!” As the years passed, I became infatuated with ANYTHING with a motor. I raced snowmobiles, dragsters, stock cars, road courses… Yet, anytime I get near a Sprint car, read about the “World Outlaw” schedule… I am reminded of the years Ron and I spent together…  Sitting on the branch of a tree between Cottage 26 and Cottage 30, sharing and dreaming our dreams.  This is dedicated to Ron. Probably still running circles, in heaven! This painting is for you After all of these years, I still miss you my brother…

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