Early Trucking Memories

The man who’d brought me into trucking, turned me loose in a 1970 Cabover International, running from Omaha to Southern California once a week. I’d spent the previous 3 months proving myself to Jim and the man he was leased to, by hauling livestock all around the Midwest and Southwest in that ‘ole “Binder”…  Once in a while, they entrusted me to run dry loads back and forth out of Chicago or Milwaukee.  I fondly remember those days, eight or ten trucks, loading cattle in Rosebud South Dakota, running practically non-stop to near Corpus Christie Texas.  Being somewhat awestruck at my first glimpse of the Chicago skyline.  Lord I long for those simpler times!

In the agreement we reached, after the “Spring Run” with the bull rack,  I took loads of “floor loaded” dry freight to various destinations out West (Sacramento, Bakersfield, Stockton, Long Beach, San Diego are just a few of the cities I remember running for Jim).

Someone sent me, or posted this photograph a few weeks ago.  I announced (and no one complained) that I desperately wanted to paint it.  Though not from that area, the scene had immediately taken me to memories when I first ran up and over Donner Pass along the Truckee River that first spring…

Originally on canvas, the 42 x 32 piece (when you click on it) is being shown on Archival Heavyweight Matte Paper.  It MAY be ordered in a smaller size, and less expensive material.  I have also made it available on greeting cards and post cards!  Thank you for allowing me to share some memories!

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