The Last Pitch – Goodbye Johnny

The wind chill outside is a balmy -10 degrees and here I am putting the finishing touches on a piece, inspired by the last baseball game at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha.  It obviously would have been more profitable for me to have had this piece available during the onslaught of fans back in June last year, in Omaha for the “final” round of college games to be played at this historic site.  But I wanted it “just so.”   I’ve worked on this on and off since baseball said goodbye to the place where every college program yearned to be, since 1950 

This town is and will be the haven for the College World Series for at least the next 25 years, with the completion of the new ball park downtown.  But it won’t be the same as the cozy atmosphere of Rosenblatt.

I’m displaying this piece on my site, in the 42 x 32 size, on premium archival heavyweight matte paper.  For a few extra dollars, it can be ordered on stretched canvas in the same size.  It is also available in smaller sizes on less expensive paper.  Greeting cards and post cards are also available.

Thank you EVERYONE for the visit!  Let’s hope it warms up soon!

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