American Pride

I realize that the topics on my blog AS OF LATE, have been everywhere.  I think it is a combination of being stir-crazy, frustrated, and often in a great deal of physical pain.  I can ‘t complain for I realize there are others in far worse shape than I am.  I think that the source of this painting came from the emotion, of just how fortunate I have been…

All That Is Good Print print
All That Is Good Print


An acquaintance of mine on one of the social networks gave me permission to paint this photograph he had posted. It was the entire setting that touched me. The farmhouse, the flag, the truck. I would like to think that this scene says everything that is and has always been RIGHT about America. Take some time to think about the ingredients of the piece and see if you don’t agree…I understand, as an owner-operator the question, “Who would want a picture of someone elses’ truck?” After all, it was MY OWN trucks through the years, that adorned my walls at home. HOWEVER, for those who never had the opportunity or the pleasure to have owned at least one, perhaps having this print on YOUR WALLS will keep that dream alive!  Or just serve as a reminder of all that is right with our country.  I still DO miss the road and all it hqad to offer.

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