Memories of Interstate 15 in Nevada

Now that my “studio” is somewhat complete, I’ve begun digging out piles of old photos and scrapbooks, seeking out inspiration for future art projects.  This action has brought to the surface more memories than I doubt I will ever get to paper.  While in High School, my former English instructor, Mike Clark used to say, regarding my assignments, “TRY to stay focused!” (my writing often strayed).  In fact, one of the yearbooks I have carefully stored away, Mr Clark wrote, “You’ll do well…  Stay focused!”  And so, with that thought in mind, I give you, “Las Vegas Skyline”.

Interstate 15 is the 4th longest North-South Interstate Highway in the United States.  In Nevada, the 124 mile stretch of the road begins in the city of Primm, through Las Vegas and across the border into Mesquite Arizona.  When I first began running the West Coast, the Interstate system in Nevada had yet to be completed.  To the North, the “new” Interstate was still referred to as “The Salt Lake Highway” while South of Vegas, the “old timers” talked about “The Los Angeles Highway”.   The 4-lane North of Vegas narrowed down to a two-lane which became U.S. 91, or in those days, “Las Vegas Boulevard”.   And yes, in those days semi-trucks “cruised” the main drag through Vegas to all points North and South.

This piece came from a black and white photo (It was FAR less expensive in those days to develop black and white v.s. color film) I took, as I “dropped down the hill” coming out of California, and into the two-lane, entering Vegas.  What I wrote on the back of the photo was this:

Las Vegas Skyline

“Coming into Las Vegas without all of the glamor and glitter, it’s simply a city, that from the proper view, blends right in with the landscape. Others will say that Vegas sticks out like a sore thumb. I guess it depends on your perspective…”

I am showing this piece in the original 53 x 40 size on stretched matte canvas.  Compared to other pieces I’ve done and the formats in which they’ve been presented, the piece IS rather pricey for the average person.  However, if you look to the right of the page where the piece is displayed, you may order it in a smaller size, and on different material than just the canvas.  The original, which I have valued at $600.00, but is doubtful that I’ll sell,  is hanging above my fireplace!  You can also see exactly what your wall would look like by playing with the “RealView” option on the page!

Thank you, EVERYONE for visiting….


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